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We are currently partnering with jewelry craftsmen located in Jaipur, India.  We do this by having craftsmen open an Etsy shop from their location in Jaipur.  We stock finished jewelry and made-to-order jewelry at our shop in the USA.

Below is an overview of our partnerships:

  • STEP 1: Contact us about a partnership.  Email
  • STEP 2: Once approved, open an Etsy shop.  You receive $50 USD for your labor in setting up a shop.
  • STEP 3: Receive product listing information from us.
  • STEP 4: Receive our expert shop analysis settings for a successful store.
  • STEP 5: When you receive an order, send the shipping label and order information to us at Trader Lou.  We fill the order.
  • STEP 6: Each month, Etsy generates a finance report.  After accounting for our labor and materials, we split the profits.   The typical store owner receives about $1,100 USD a month.

Why partner with Trader Lou? 

Craftsmen selling jewelry and other related goods from Jaipur have a several distinct disadvantages. 
  • Orders take 30-45 days for the customer to receive, which is not acceptable.  
  • You may not be familiar with marketing to Americans, the largest marketplace in the world.
  • We have the funding in place for stocked jewelry
  • Experts with on-demand jewelry design and services such as CNC and laser engraving.

Our experience

  • We operate several stores on Etsy, all of them are in the top 1% of sales 
  • 20+ years of experience of selling products online
  • We can grow your business on other online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, OpenSky and Shopify.


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